Classes & Workshops


At Flōte Hampton, we offer a wide range of classes to help you relax, strengthen and activate energy in your life, using yoga, meditation and more.  We designed these to complement your own practice of self care and awareness.


Sound Meditation

Join Joy and Lisa for a guided meditation accompanied by the soothing sounds of gongs and bowls. The frequency of the notes can help shift you into a deeper, more relaxed state. With breath, sound and intention, this could become your favorite way to meditate!

Shakti Flow

A dynamic yoga/dance class to activate and awaken the Shakti within all of us. Shakti Flow focuses on spiral and primal movements honoring the Divine goddess of creation, dynamic flow, and empowerment. This all levels custom class is known to boost confidence, activate feminine energy, and make you feel fantastic.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a dynamic class designed for the busy yogi who needs to recharge and rejuvenate their body, mind, and energy field. The constant barrage of negativity we all face clogs our very essence, and Kundalini is an immediate way to not only clear that negativity, but fill ourselves up with beautiful crystal clear light waves of happiness.

Each class consists of a prescribed Kriya (complete action), relaxation and meditation. We utilize sustained movements of the body to circulate prana (life force energy) and change the stuck energy patterns in the body. A different experience, appropriate for all levels of practitioners—beginners are always welcome! Traditional Kundalini apparel (all white) welcomed, though certainly not required. Come prepared to move, chant, laugh and have direct experience that is like no other.

Thai Chi

NEW CLASS! Beginners Introduction to Tai Chi This course is designed to get you started. You will learn the basic postures, movements and breath work. These techniques have many benefits for health and well-being including flexibility, stress reduction and balance. You will also begin learning the first movements of the Yang style Tai Chi form. After this course you can continue with the more advanced level courses. 6 weeks $50 or $10 drop in. Wednesdays at 6:00pm beginning September 4th

Tapping With Tricia

Whether you are feeling stuck in life, you have addictions to overcome or you are struggling with pain, anxiety, weight loss or insomnia... Tricia can help you with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It’s my all time favorite tool for self healing. EFT, which is tapping on meridians while stating affirmations, is a simple yet incredibly effective tool. In a one hour private session we can use EFT combined with meditation and breathing techniques. Together we can set you on a healing path you could never have imagined. 



Our workshops are an extension of who we are and what we want to share with our community. We are pleased to bring events to the Seacoast that uplift, educate and inspire.


New Moon Sound Healing

New moons represent beginnings. This workshop is an opportunity to set intention, connect and manifest. Join Dr. Margaux French and Catherine Markovsky on the new moon for a night of sharing, meditation and sound healing. Bring your intentions, a yoga mat and blanket.

PRICE: $20

Full Moon Sound Immersion

The full moon is an excellent time to get rid of that which no longer serves us. Join us as we let it go and reset. Experience a guided meditation, leading  you in breath and mantra, as you release the old, tired patterns and allow new fresh energy to emerge in your life.

Following the meditation, you’ll be immersed in a sound healing experience that will expose you to subtle sound vibrations that shift your awareness and state of being, allowing your body to heal itself from the inside out. You don't need to have any experience to attend, we will guide you. Participants can lie down so dress comfortably and bring whatever will make you comfortable, a yoga mat, pillow, blanket, and water bottle.

PRICE: $20
TEACHERS: Joy Masicotte and Lisa DeLisio


Tricia Lavalley

Favorite Essential Oil: dōTERRA Anchor. It’s part of their awesome yoga collection and smells AMAZING.
Favorite Restaurant & Dish:  Currently, Hagans Grill - Spicy Shrimp Tacos
Favorite Quote: “Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you are already in Heaven now.” -Jack Kerouac
Bucket List: Zip lining through the rain forest in Costa Rica and seeing the northern lights

Joy Masicotte

Favorite Crystal: Rose quartz because the gorgeous pink color just exudes love!
Favorite Quote: “We are all in this together!”
Favorite Restaurant & Dish: Blue Moon Evolution - Nori Rolls
Bucket List: See the northern lights.

Kate Manuell

Favorite Crystal: Moonstone. It calls upon the current energy of the moon so the energy shifts with this stone often.
Favorite Quote: “Every moment is the Guru.”
Favorite Restaurant & Dish: The Green Elephant - Coconut Milk Soup
Bucket List: I’ve had dreams of swimming with whales for years now, and I would love to freedive with whale sharks someday. I swam with wild dolphins when I lived in Hawaii and it was one of my most memorable experiences connecting with nature and brilliant beings—it became a monthly full moon meditation as they would come into the bay I was living in every full moon morning to rest.