Who We Are

Our mission is to elevate, and bring lasting change, to the consciousness and wellness of our community. Flōte is a place of sanctuary and wellness—a soul gym where people train not only their bodies, but their spirits.  

Flōte came into the physical world as an answer to owners Catherine and Margaux’s biggest conundrums—how do we facilitate healing on a larger scale?


Meet the Owners

Owners Margaux and Catherine share an intense desire to help people shift into a higher frequency of living, a common silly sense of humor, a need to dance it out, and a practice of finding guidance from within.

Luckily, they both discovered floating. Catherine on vacation in Las Vegas and Margaux on a trip to North Carolina, and they were hooked. Once they understood the incredible value of flotation therapy for their own lives, they spent a few years figuring out how to make it happen for their friends and neighbors. There were obstacles, tears, and sleepless nights, but they were determined. They are so thankful for this community and for all the amazing people who have embraced floating and are leaning into cultivating their own personal growth and healing.


Catherine Markovsky

Catherine is a licensed acupuncturist, sushi lover, player of gongs, forks and occasionally poker. Originally from California, she has made New Hampshire her home with her loving, patient husband Bob for the past 20 years. No, she has not gotten used to the weather. She fears she never will.

Flōte has been the most rewarding, exciting and challenging adventure (outside of raising two teenage boys) that she has ever had. She can’t imagine her life before Epsom salt and the first time floaters’ beautiful, post float faces. She is more grateful with each passing day.

Dr. Margaux French

Margaux feels more at home in New Hampshire than she ever did in her hometown of New York City. She’s a naturopathic doctor, wife, mom, meditator, very slow knitter, and champion of humanity. Her love affair with nature inspires every part of her life and work, and she wouldn’t be the same without her walks in the woods.

It was her time spent swimming with dolphins that inspired her to try floating and once she did, she was hooked. She feels fortunate beyond measure for her life’s work as a naturopath ,and for the opportunity to co-create a place as magical as Flōte. She believes that each person is perfect and holds the answer to their own healing within themselves—and that floating is a way to help people access this precious source of healing.


Our Space

Our flagship wellness center, Flōte Hampton opened in March of 2018. The first float center on the Seacoast, Flōte is home to three float suites, five treatment rooms and a large, gorgeous wellness studio, where a myriad of classes and workshops take place.

Our newest addition, Flōte Portsmouth, opened late-winter 2019, and offers floatation therapy, infrared sauna and massage.